The Lady Expat Executive MasterClass

Who Am I?

Everything changed for me when my father died. At the age of 5, I went from the comfortable life of a lawyer’s daughter to being raised by a single mom trying to make ends meet. I had one dream from early on: see the world. I have learnt 5 languages by the age of 14 (added two later on), worked hard from school to university, from volunteer organizations to corporations to make my dream come true. I reached career heights that none of my peers have. At the age of 32 I was doubling corporate positions and packages every 5 years, travelling the globe.

Then I had my first child, and the second, and the third. And I fell into this pit of constant guilt, never-ending expectations and demands, trying to lead both sides of my life without loosing myself. I tried and failed and stood up, again and again. I fought my way through boards and decisions.

At the height of my career, I understood that I can help tremendously those who are going through the same struggles. With my 25 years of personal and professional experience in leadership development, and my Advanced Executive Coach Diploma I have designed The Lady Executive MasterClass, which transforms the lives of expat executive women so they create the ultimate balance of Accelerating Career and Family Presence they so much deserve – wherever they are.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

Eleonora works with women expat executives who are struggling with balancing their challenging career and demanding family life – to achieve an accelerating, exceptional career while enjoying a harmonious family life  – even in the toughest times.

Module One

Coaching Essentials


  • Clarity on the process, goals, expectation
  • Personal Commitment to the coaching process
  • Prepare for the whole process, set up for success


Understand how coaching will help you to achieve all your goals and set yourself up for outstanding success to get the most out of the Master Class.We decide what will be the best ways to support you during the next few months.

Module Two

Mirror Reflections


  • Clarity on Values and Vision
  • Turn self-limiting beliefs into strengths
  • Build the foundations of your new self


Face yourself in a variety of ways, equipping yourself with tools to succeed in all of your roles. Commit yourself to build the life you dream of, by transforming areas that are holding you back.

Module Three

Expat Essentials


  • Build your own network and find support in your expat life
  • Understand the key success factors  of a foreign assignment
  • Create the dream expat assignment you will always look back on with joy and pride


Learn to make the most out of your time away from home and create the glamorous expat life you dream of. Transform the way you exist in a foreign environment by building up your own support systems and ticking off your priorities.

Module Four

My Personal Lady Power


  • Apply tools and methods to manage your own change process
  • Learn how to involve others in your transformational  process
  • Create positive change for those around you


Learn how to use yourself for your advantage in all situations and learn the secret tools of transformational change. Find your own source of positive energy and see how it opens up an abundance of possibilities for you haven’t even thought of.

Module Five

My Exceptional Accelerating Career


  • Strong network to support you in your career goals and rise
  • Clearly identified goals with actionable steps and clear direction
  • Detailed learning plan apply and implement


Learn to shine through in every moment at work, leave behind what holds you back and find the missing pieces that will allow you to rise to new career heights. Be seen the exceptional leader you truly are. Unlock your personal leadership potential.

Module Six

My Family in Balance


  • Identify crucial moments of connection you for continuous connection
  • Get rid of energy drains and focus on building those crucial relationships
  • Create alignment with your loved ones and say good-bye to guilt


Create the haven for your family by making yourself the versatile, resourceful, emotionally strong and self-confident woman they can rely on. Understand their deepest desires and how you can match those with less energy and more focus.

Module Seven

The Journey Continues


  • Courage and commitment for future action
  • Clarity on next steps, evaluation and feed-back on the process
  • Tips and methods to keep the momentum going forward


Build a system for yourself so everything you have learnt is integrated into your daily life and make sure your success will be sustainable in the coming months and years. 


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