Eleonora Durmaz

Please Go Through Everything Before your Session

Common Questions

1. How do you usually work with clients?

In short:
My goal is to help you to create a fully balanced professional and personal life: a solid family presence, an accelerated career while feeling at home anywhere in the world.

The way I do that that I coach, mentor, work with you, introduce tools, methods, tips, which then you apply to your daily life. Step-by-step you go through a transformational change and I am there for you all the way to help you, support you, catch you if you fall, help you to move on, and celebrate the successes along the way.

You will create the joyful, fullfilling, balanced life for yourself and your loved ones – the one that you dream of.

— Why
Women executives whom I work with all have a successful track record in their business and industry. They know how to work hard, how to bring value to the business, and they have managed to succeed in a male-oriented business world.
They are intelligent and sensitive, energetic and caring. They know what they want and they know how they want it. They want a wonderful, satisfying family life just as much as they want an accelerating, exceptional career.
At one point during their journey, sooner or later, they start to feel the weight of never-ending expectations and demands. They start to feel the guilt, not being able to be at different places in the same time. They start to feel the pressure, to continue to rise in their career, while starting to question themselves if they really do want this life, if they can really succeed both in their personal and professional lives.
You are strong. You can do it. But the time has come to ask for help.
And I will be there when you are weak. You can show me the side you dont show to others.

— What
So I am here to help by creating clarity on all your needs and wants.
Helping to understand what needs to be focused on.
Equipping you with tools, systems, tips to apply it all for yourself and your family.
You will work hard on facing yourself – just as hard as you work every day in your leader role.
This time is for you to create the life you want.
You have so much to build on: all your experiences, successes and failures, your family and loved ones.
They will all take their place in the process.
But ultimately, you will look at what is happening in your life and you will make decisions.
You will try things, implement solutions, you will come to conclusions.
And then your life – and that of your loved ones – will transform. Slowly, step-by-step, your life will become the dream you can only aspire to now.
Your career will continue to grow, even accelerate.
You will create a rock solid haven for your family and yourself.
You will get rid of the energy drains in your life.
You will build up new practices that brings you fulfillment and joy.
And you will continue to invest in yourself, grow yourself personally, and professionally.
Others will see the change in you. You will shine.

— How
I have spent over 2 decades living the challenges and facing the difficulties you are facing right now.
I have 25 years of leadership development experience, as a mastertrainer, a facilitator, an executive coach.
What changed everything for me was the realization that I have to do it for Myself.
And I have put everything I have into this program so you can do it for Yourself.
Your new life starts now with the “I do it for Myself” call.
I look so much forward to talk to you soon.


2. What can I expect from the call?

We will be discussing on a high level your current difficulties and challenges so we can determine some of the root issues you will work on during the program. Once we are clear on where you stand, we will be discussing your goals. And if we determine working with me as your coach is your best next step toward achieving your goals, then we will talk about the process. If we decide it is not the best fit, I will still point you in the direction of resources that will help you.

3. Who is Eleonora Durmaz?

Eleonora Durmaz started her career in youth development and international NGO organizations. After moving to the corporate world, she quickly progressed to regional, then global leadership positions in Organizational Communication, Learning & Development, Culture and Leadership Transformation.

She is a graduate of General Electric’s Experienced Human Resource Leadership Program. Eleonora has extensive experience in working in global, virtual and multi-cultural environments having lived in different countries and continents. She is certified for a variety of psychological assessments like MBTI, DISC, Social Styles and FIRO-B; and she is a licensed InsideOut coach. She is a regular speaker as well as supports executive learning processes as a faculty, a strategic facilitator or MasterTrainer.

As an executive coach, she holds an Advanced Executive Coach Diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching (UK) and she is especially successful in her approach with women executives who are struggling with balancing their challenging career and demanding family life. Eleonora earned her MBA at the Oxford Brooks University and she is fluent in English, Hungarian and Turkish, and intermediate in German and French. She co-locates in 2 different countries with her husband and 3 kids.